Stage One


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  • 11:45

    Cheddar Gorgeous Drag Performance

    Drag Queen
  • 12:10

    Jerry Daykin WFA's recent Diversity Initiative

    Senior Media Director GSK
  • 12:35

    Piero Zizzi Celebrating diversity in football and sports

    Director (Sports Marketing, Advertising & Sponsorships) Brightspot International
  • 13:00

    Richard Miles Get LGBTQI+ Creative Wrong

    CEO & CO-FOUNDER The Diversity Standards Collective
  • 13:25

    Jay Richards Helping Gen-Z

    Founder of Imagen Insights
  • 13:50

    Lucy McKillop Invisible Intersectionality

    Head of Brand Marketing, Clear Channel
  • 14:15

    Stephanie Matthews Creative Equals Intersectionality in Leadership

    Partnerships Director, Creative Equals.
  • 15:05

    Darkwah Make it work for you

    Fashion Enterpeneur, Creative and Performer
  • 15:50

    Christopher Kenna Christopher Kenna in Conversation with Tea Uglow

    CEO & Co-Founder Brand Advance
  • 16:00

    Jamie Love LGBTQ Marketing

    CEO of Monumental Marketing